How often do I feed clown fish?


Reefing newb
If I get a pair of clownfish, how often should I feed them? Is twice a day enough?

My friend feeds his 4 times a day, but some of us have to work and I'm only gonna be able to do it in the morning and evening. Will that be ok?
i would say yes. the job i have, i am gone 48hrs, home 48hrs. i feed my fish about 3 time a day when i am home and they starve when i am not. everyone is fine and fat. i have a pair of clarki. if you look at this month's photo contest you can see for yourself how fat they are. dont get fish like anthias though. they require multiple feeding daily. they will just gradually fade away cause they arent getting enough. bin there done that
You can feed them every other day and that would be enough. Be careful putting too much nutrients in the water as it will cause water parameter problems and algae blooms. They will always act hungry and will definitely eat every time you put food in the water. If you feed twice a day make it small feedings.