how do i trim down an impeller?


they call me fish geek ;p
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I have an aqua clear 70 on my ten gallon and I out the impeller from the ac 50 on it but its still too much flow. How do I trim the impelled down? Do I cut off a blade all together or do I just make a the blades shorter? Idk, I'm not really the modifier. Thanks in advance :)
You would need to trim down all the blades equally, or every other blade if there is an even number. If you were to eliminate only one, it would throw the shaft off balance.
Yea little fish I know. It does sound like a bad idea. I just don't know how to lessen the flow. I already have some mesh over the intake tube. But I don't like it getting all clogged up. I still have the original impeller so if I screw it up I can always pt that one back. Idk I will do some more research on the topic.
Trimming sounds like a bad idea, think you will end up with alot of vibration due to uneven blades. Can you aim it at the glass or a rock to lessen the impact?
Yea maybe ill just leave it....I did swap it out already to a 50 size one but its still too much.