how can a make live rock from texas rock

:question::helm2:i have about 20 pounds of live rock and i yesterday i got some texas can i start making it to become live rock....and if i put it in the tank will it mest up the tank.....
Its probably the same thing as in Tucson, you know when you dig a hole that really hard rock. the call it callichy rock:mrgreen:
I have made some Live rock from agatized coral I have found in a Special location i have in North Central Florida. The Coral is Millions of Years old and I had to Dig it out of the Creek bank.

1. I washed it off.
2. Lightly Bleached it (to get the Dirt Stains Out)
3. Rinsed it and soaked it in Fresh water for a week then Rinsed it again.
4 After that I placed the Rocks in 5 gallon buckets and Put my Used water changed water in the Buckets for about 6 weeks (every Water change I would change out the water in the rock buckets).

The Rocks took to the Tank Like champs. I even sold some to a Fish shop,

I will Post some Pics of the Coral. It's Really cool and looks great in the tank.