Houston, we have a problem... at least I think we do...


Reefing newb
I looked on an ID thread, and I think this is some kind of bristle worm (?)

Let me just say that it is REALLY big... or at least it looks that way. There is a possibility that it's 2 seperate worms, I guess.

The pic is of one 'arm' coming from one side of a rock, but, at the same time, there was also another 'arm' coming up from another rock not that far away. It could be one single worm. If it is just one worm, it's got to be over 12" long. That's pretty big, as far as I'm concerned. If it's 2 different ones, then each must obvoiusly be around 6". Which is still big to me.


How big do these things get? I only have a 10 gal tank.

Some websites say they're beneficial, even the huge disgusting ones?

Do I leave it? I'm not sure I can get it out if I have to.

(I hate to be such a girl, but it's really gross, and I don't like it at all.)
I would leave it. They are good cleaners. That guy has been in there for awhile and you lust noticed it. They hide most of the time.
Can you segment these worms to get more of them?
I have never tried to cut them up too see. I am not a fan of risking adding dead things to my bioload if I can help it. I would just leave it. They tend to just clean up the dead crap, fish poo and uneaten food. It almost looks like the legs of a serpent star, tho. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked

Here' another pic:


The tip is a little clearer in this picture. It's pretty red. I thought serpant stars were black/grey.

Wherever it is, it looks like I have to keep it. I just can't stand looking at it.:yikesu:

I'm pretty sure it's a worm. A big ugly disgusting creepy worm.
yeah. You are right. pretend it is something else, like a beautiful caterpillar that will turn into a wonderful butterfly of the ocean. If that helps

Yeah, I saw that gnarly thing too. It came from a pretty big tank though. Doubt yours will reach that size

Just knowing it's in there makes me itch. I feel like there's one in my hair now...

it would STING more than it would ITCH !! lol :nanananan

are your hands stinging now ?? lol :shocking:

but seriously, i would leave it too. they are EXCELLENT detritus removers, in fact fish :pooh: makes up most of their diet !!
I actually see one on one of my GSP's. Its probably an inch long max. Should I leave it or kill it? I heard they will eat up the corals but at this size will he cause harm?
Wait a minute. The one (or two) that I have is real red at the tips. Do you know the name of the bright red one so I could look it up and find a picture?