Hoopsdaddy's 165g build

Supposed to be a Tri-Colored Valida it was almost browned out when I picked it up cheap and now the are 15-20 purple tips on it and a bunch of the tips age getting the white polops comming out of them again.
Can't tell if this is a green Milli or some other acro with long hairy polops???
Some kind of a stag I think. Choclolate brown with blue growth and polops.???
New green birdsnest.
Hystrix Birdsnest
Not sure what this is yet. Green to pink/purple tips with green polops
Also have one stag looking coral that is light tan base with a indego blue tips. For some reason I can't get a good pict of it but I will keep trying.
If you can positively ID some of the corals that I don't know I would appreciate.
Thought I would show you all the latest additions and my new fish still in the QT.
Some kinda LPS, anyone have a name for it???????

Clown Fairy Wrasse (very awesome fish even though the photos of it aren's)

And finally the new fish in the QT.
As some of you know I have been wanting to try this fish for a while. The LFS got it in about 3 weeks ago. I have researched this fish for so long and I finally took the plunge. I added an SPS, LPS, and Zoo frag to the QT today. I will watch him for another week and make sure that he does not chomp on the the frags. If it does the LFS will take it back but I know it is kind of hit or miss with this fish. Heniochus diphreutes should be reef safe but it is very hard to tell the difference between it and Heni acumantius. I will keep you updated on how the new guy works out. If anyone has had any dealings with this fish please provide feedback.
Well here is the tank update. I have been very frustrated with the tank. Mostly it is my fault. Got really to busy to take care of it and continued to add corals mostly SPS and wasn't staying on top of the calcium. Ended up losing more than half of my corals, (mostly SPS about 20 types)
Not Good!
The Bannerfish in the previous post lasted about 3-4 months and then went coral crazy! Took forever to finally catch him. Swapped him out today for an Anthis that I have on the fishes forum. Once I get the tank cleaned back up and going good again I will post some picts. Sorry it has been so long since I posted, but I have been keeping up with many of your threads and some of your tanks have come a long way! Keep up the good work. Hopefully I will do better this time also.