HOB vs overflow/wet/dry..22 gal. tank


Reefing newb
I am about 2 weeks into my cycle and I currently have a HOB filter. It will be live rock, live sand, and fish, in the tank. With it being a 22 gal tank, is it really necessary to have a sump/skimmer/overflow? I understand they are good for the fish and the quality of the water, but since there will not be corals would the water quality be good enough for the fish?
What fish would you say are the most tropical looking, and would be a good size for this tank? Now it has been 2 weeks, should I be seeing algai yet?
Most would say a skimmer is essential for your filtration, but not a sump. You probably could get away without one since it is a fish only tank, but your water quality will be much harder to control and you fish could become stressed and even die.

As for algae it depends on your lighting. What are you using?
What exactly does a skimmer do? about how much would it be. Don't they have a HOB skimmer, would that work? I am using an 18 watt Coralife light (2, 9 watt bulbs, 1 blue and 1 white light, is that enough lighting?) How many hours a day should I leave the light on? Any help is greatly appreciated.
if you have the ability to drill your tank, or know someone who can, that would be the way to go.

you will increase water volume, system stability, and be able to move equipment such as heaters down into the sump (which a 10g tank for $12 at petco will work). Research sumping the tank.... you'll thank yourself in the future.

Wet/dry systems are WAY out of date, not to mention expensive--especially considering how terrible they are (nitrates). I realize it's a fish only.... but nitrates still matter, plus most people go reef eventually.

Saltwater is very buoyant, therefore all the fish waste and other junk (dissolved organics) float to the surface. (go to your LFS and look up at the surface of the water it'll probably look like an oil slick.) A simple answer to what skimmer does is that it is a column of water packed with bubbles, to which the dissolved organics attach to the bubbles, and float to the surface of the water where they are collected in a cup. It's a dry(ish) foam, think of a wave and how it foams :P
that's very low lighting, but will great for fish only, really all you need for the fish would be enough to make you happy.

try around 8 hours... i would normally say 6-8 for a fish only.... but you have very low lighting.
What do you think if I were to just get a skimmer? Is there any other good filtration without having to drill the tank? So the lighting I have you think is too little? how many watts would you recommend? Would it be better to sell this tank and get a pre drilled tank or something already with an overflow? When would you normally see algai durring a cycle, because I see no changes.. There is some live thing that has tenticle looking things, it is pinkish, and comes out when the light is on, it sucks back into what looks like a rock with holes, would you know what that is, will this effect the cyce or anything in the tank? My LFS said they are super hardy and very hard to kill. I thought it was dead when I bought it. I appreciate your help
Oh yea what do you man by "drill the tank"? for an overflow, or how would that work? is it expensive? Im sorry I am pretty new so I am not sure with all these diferent types of filteration.
either get an ovewrflow box or drill a hole in the back of the tank you can get the bits and everything you need to drill at www.glassholes.com it is cheaper than getiing an overflow box granted you dont break the glass.
I would not bother drilling a 22 gallon tank. You will be fine just doing regular water changes (10 to 20% of the tank's volume every week or two). It's really not worth it for that small of a tank.