Reefing newb
My Name is Heinz.I had several Saltwater Tanks from 1978 until 1985 and now after 20 years of running my own business i have finally retired and have plenty of time to commit to the Hobby.I am working on a reef Tank now and since there was no such thing 30 years ago,this is mostly new to me.But with some readin and some advise maybe i can make it work.
Hello and welcome to the saltwater spot on the web. I am sure you can make it work as well. There are a lot of people on there with lots of info and help if you need it. Welcome back to a great hobby.
Welcome Heinz. I am very glad to see you have found our site. In the helpful articles forum there are some articles on page one that will be a big help and answer a lot of questions. If I can be of help at any time let me know. Welcome to our site and I hope your time here is informative, and fun.
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