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can i put whtever i want?
Hi everyone, my name is Chad im 20 and from California. About two weeks ago i purchased a 12 gallon nanocube and then 3 days ago i bought a 24 gallon nanocube. Heres a little info about my tanks so far.

12 Gallon
2-Black clownfish
1-Seabaye anemone
1-skunk shrimp
1-magenta dottyback
1-choc starfish
3-snails (had four but i think my shrimp ate one)
2-blue legged hermit crabs

24 Gallon
1-black long spined sea urchin
1-lawnmower blenny
1-yellowtail damselfish
1-some anemone i dont know the name of
1-turbo snail
2-zebra hermit crabs

Well theres a little info about me and my tanks, ill share some pics as soon as i get them. Thanks for your time!
Hi and welcome! You added all that stuff to your tanks quickly. Did you let them cycle beforehand? Post pics soon, we love pics.
Hello welcome to the site. Did you buy these tanks new or already established? If they are new you add too fast and everything stands a good chance of diyng. Sorry.
Welcome to the reef. Was all your stuff established or all brand new? Post pics when ya get a chance, we love pics...
Meet Bobby. The grim reaper of fish tanks! LOL.
Haha yea i can tell.

Yea Everything was already established. I did add more rock in the 12 gallon because they only had 6 pounds in there so i bought some pre cured rock and put it in there. Ill post some pics later on today.
LMAO Yeah I can be harsh I guess. It just looked like a huge list for a new tank, and thats what would happen if it wasn't established. Sounds good though. Got any pics? We love pics here.

LMAO I had to do that just incase he didn't see everyone else who asked.
you going to kill everything in you're tank, and you don't have pics! LOL! just thought i would re-cap the first page in case someone missed it. lol.
welcome to living reefs. hope you enjoyed the warm welcome. stick around for a while, there are lots of good info and general b.s. here. :)
Welcome to the reef.
If you got a question,just ask.If you want just add some general BS,than thats alright to.
But either way,Post pics or we'll take your corals and divide them up between the rest of us.








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Nice pictures! Beautiful tanks. Be careful with those blue damsels, they can get pretty aggressive if you try to introduce any more fish...