Hi, just introducing myself

Well I found this site of google to try and become more informed about saltwater fish tanks.

We moved into a new house and the house happen to come with a huge maybe 200 or more gallon salt water fish tank.

I learned more and more, but am still pretty clueless when it comes to testing water and feeding and filters, heating.

Just to much to learn, so hoping this sight well help inform me and help me make better choices
well I guess I can go next, they say admitting to your addictions is the first step so here goes for those of you who do not know me my name is Chris and I have been an aquaholic for 3 yrs now together divang we can make it through this :) welcome to the reef hope you enjoy the swim!!
Welcome to the site, thats cool the house came with a large tank already. Is the tank in the wall, and what are the dimentions and I can tell you how many gallons it is, well good luck and keep us posted.
I'd recommend not getting a smaller tank, it will me much easier to deal with the tank that's there right now. Mistakes will be diluted out better in larger tanks, leaving more room for error. If you make a mistake in a small tank, the consequences will be much worse. You might still want to drain it and start from the beginning though.

Hmm...i guess you can say the tank is in wall, there was a cut out section in that part of the house for like decorations, flowers, statue or some form of art, but the guy just put a custom fish tank there made of acrylic/lexan. I can get your some measurements tonight or tom. It's a pretty oddly shapen tank, it's KINDA like a triangle but with more edges lol.


Oh sorry let me rephrase that, the one fish we have left were gonna move to a smaller tank for the mean while so that we can rip out the bigger tank to clean and start from scratch. Me and my dad aren't digging the gravel and rocks that original owner had in there, and all the pipping going into and out of the tank for the filters need to be sealed WAY better. We might also cut the top opening a bit bigger cause it's kind of a bitch to clean the tank with such a small opening and little head room up top between the tank and the ceiling.


Hahahaha, yea this hobby is worse then my car hobby, it kills more money lol.
Well I cant tell you the gals on a triangle shape tank but Im sure sombody hear can, any way good luck with everthing.