Hi from Texas & the UK


My husband and I are starting our first reef tank, we have several freshwater tanks, but we've longed to go with salt water as we both love the ocean. Just wanted to say hi and we would love information from anyone who has a refugium tank attached to their reef tank as this is what we want to create first. We live in Texas but are from the UK.

Lili and David
Hi and welcome to the site!

Most people have refugiums. They are a great addition and help keep your water quality higher.
Welcome aboard, all these guys and gals know tons of stuff on reefs ask away (so I can learn more) lol:D
Thank you guys for the warm welcome!

Regarding a refugium tank what is the best way to set this up? At the moment we have a Skilter filter for the reef tank. We're just not sure how to set up the intake/outtakes between the two tanks - do you buy something premade or is this something you create yourself? Sorry to seem dumb, any info would be most welcome.
ok regarding the fuge setup. Is this a drilled tank? It is is just plumb the line to the fuge underneath. If its not drilled you need a overflow box you can buy them at most good lfs or online. the return will be from the pump from the fuge. The main thing you have to do is make sure the pump and overflow rates match up. That way you dont get a bunch of water on the floor from overflowing the fuge or the dt. Theres a bunch of good stuff regarding fuge setups in the forums or go to Wetwebmedia, Aquarium, Pond, Marine and Freshwater Fish, reef tanks, and Aquatics Information lots of info there as well. I was assuming this fuge was a sump/ fuge, lots of different ways to do it.
Howdy Heighbor!! welcome to the site, yea, overflows can seem like a great mystery, till you actually set one up, then you look at it, and you say, gee that was easy...

the fear of doing your first one is WAY worse than actually doing it.. you'll do just fine, just dont hesitate to ask questions, we all had to start somewhere, and then learn....