Hi everyone! Newbie here from Weston super Mare


Reefing newb
Hello all,

So i'm new to Living Reefs and just thought i would say hi and tell you a bit about me,

I've been looking to get a marine aquarium for the past year or so and have been doing research on and off for a while now, but i bit the bullet a week ago and bought a second hand aqua marine 900 for next to nothing (don't worry i am selling the marysis 240 filter and getting something else).

I currently just have the empty tank sat waiting to be filled with toys and fish.

I am looking into buying tunze equipment (internal filter and skimmer) to keep things as simple (and as quiet) as possible.

That's pretty much where i am at the moment, i want to take my time and do this right so there is no immediate rush to set it up so will be doing lots of research on forums and probably asking a lot of questions :)

Speak to some of you soon hopefully.