hex tank


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how do i find out cubic inchs in a hex tank cuz i now it not the same a rectangle tank i alreatty try
Well you could figure the area if it where a rectangle then figure the area of the triangle created by the extra sides then multiply it by 4 and subtract from the rectangle total. Too much math for me theres gotta be a better way.
Technially, it's not a hexagon (which is two dimensional). The three dimensional form (like your tank) is called a hexahedron :D.
Hey Biff in trying to help kyle with this math problem I came across a discrepancy, Im seeing that a hexahedron is a cube.

Kyle what are your tank dimensions so that I can try and solve this for you if I can find the proper formula I need one side measurement and the height and side to side just in case? Also are you trying to find the volume in gallons or cubic inches? May I ask for what purpose?
Kyle i got 61 and some change for gallons(volume) do you need the cubic inches(area) or is the volume good enough?

Biff your not stupid at all Ive never even heard of a hexahedron until you said it, poly and tetra yes but i thought they were the only hedrons that there were.
Ok I have it and it was right in front of my face the whole time. There are 231 cubic inches/gal hence the divide by 231 at the end of biffs link. you have 14094 cubic inches in your tank.

24x(13.5x1.5)x29=14094 cubic inches
14094 divided by 231=61.01....gallons
Math was my thing in school, bad averages because I refused to do home work but always did very well on the tests. I carried a 19 average(not proud now) in trig and got a 94 on the NYS Regents exam, my teacher was pissed because its a state law that If you get a higher test score than your average you get the test score for your average.

Biff did all the hard work to find the link to the formula, I just plugged in the numbers