Help with Skimmer Purchase


Reefing newb
Hey guys, most of you probably know my setup by now so I do not want to spell it out again but here are basics:

40 Gallon Breeder
Emperor 280 HOB Filter
Maxijet 600 Circ Mode
T-5 Lighting
LED Micro Moon Lights

So tank has been up for a month and I am ready to buy a skimmer. I think I have decided on Reef Octopus, I also want a HOB since I do not have a sump. My LFS carries the BH-100, would this be my best option since my tank is only 40g? There seems to be different versions of the 100 like 100F and 100SS. The skinnier the better and I like the square design over the cylinder but if the cylinder is way better I will get it. I also heard there is one a little smaller than this one but it is the same price, so why not get larger one in case I get a larger tank in the future. Thanks for the suggestions.
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For a hob skimmer thats a good one. Most people recommend to have the next size larger on a skimmer. So on a 45 or 50 I would run one rated for a 75...Bulkreef has the BH-100 for 139.99 and the BH-1000 for 189.99...If it was a choice between those two I would go with the BH-1000. :twocents:
I got he BH-1000 for my 36 gal, and I am totally stoked on it. I've never second guessed the purchase. If you have any questions on it, I'd be totally happy to answer. I went with this one because I wanted to have a "bigger than necessary" skimmer, and I wanted an external pump so as to not effect water temp. The reviews online praising this product have been right so far!
I have the BH-1000, awesome design and easy to use...I did freak out when I thought it wasn't skimming but that was my own fault for moving it
Ok, so I am going to go with either the BH-100 or the BH-1000. If I do decide to go with the BH-100 is the Bh-100SS or Bh-100F better? I know there is a few different versions of it.

After reading it seems that the F has pump built inside so it is not visible and it has an extra compartment for filtration media. The SS seems to have a surface cup and allows for more efficient skimming. Both of these sound like they are better than the base model. There is also a T model, which seems to have an auto top off feature to help stabilize salinity. So which one of these upgrades is better and are either better than the BH-1000?
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I went with the 1000 so that I didn't have any more equipment in the DT to see. Like I said, I also liked the external filter so that it didn't add to the water temp. I did shorten the intake tube to get the intake cup at the surface (instead of a few inches below like it is when you purchase it). The 100SS cup is kind of cool, but I felt that the 1000 was better in design. The auto top off holds 1/2 gallon. I don't know if that would be enough for your tank depending on your lid (if any) and lighting situation. Also, the 100 model is only rated to 50 gallons I believe, where as the 1000 is rated to 100 gallons. Again, more skimming is generally better.