Help with red legged hairy hermit


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Howzit gents, lovely forum you have here with some very helpful threads. Today while at the local lfs I picked up to lovely hermits for my 6 foot FOWLR tank. Both about 4 inches total length. As usual I dripped them for about two hours:Cheers:, however accidently when i started the initial siphon about half a liter of water entered the bucket with the hermit already in it. Since i have added them both have not moved from where I placed them. I am concerned as the salinity of the water they were kept in was 1.027 and my salinity is kept at 1.021. increasing in slowly but surely to eventually add hard corals.

All my water parameters are very perfect! I check them every few days.
Does anyone know what could be happening. I would hate to lose an beautiful creature over stupid human error. :frustrat:
The only other fish in the tank currently are four lonely chromis ever since ich wiped out my other fish, as you can tell, its not been the greatest last few weeks.
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Hello and welcome to the site...glad to have you aboard. I'd just leave them alone and let the crabs finish acclimating to your tank. Sometimes, inverts will not move when 1st placed in new systems, but they seem to become active after a few hours. Some people have reported their crabs and snails to stay still for a day or I wouldn't worry to much about it right now.
Thanks mate, put my nerves at ease a little. Just noticed that they have moved around a little. Very glad that they have. Hopefully i can provide them with a wonderful new home