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Wells my tanks going on 5 weeks now and it has completed its cycle. Started getting alot of green algae and hair algae around the second week so I went ahead and added a tank cleaning crew along with 2 peppermint shrimp to aid with the removal of my hitchhiking Aiptasia, can't say that there working but that whats I heard to do. For the green and hair algae it almost gone, looks like i'm going to have to supplement with sheet algae before long. Anyway here is the question. I beleive my system is stable enough for the first round of corals, I just don't know where to start. I have deceided to go with the lps beginner coral pack from Dr Foster and Smith. I was just wondering when these arrive how do I go about placing them in the aquarium, I'm guessing the go on the live rock, or do the go in the sand ?? Also do these need to be fed and if so how do you feed them and what kind of food ?? Also what do I need to supplement these with, any kind of chemicals that would be helpful ?? As you can tell I am new to this and I personally don't know anyone in my area to ask, so I really appreciate all the help that you guys give me, looking forward to some great responses, THANKS !!!
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What kind of lighting are you using? and are you using RO/DI water. If you specify, this will help with the response's.
I'm using a aqualight pro HQI 36" it has 1 250w hqi 2-65w actinic and 2 lunar lights. As for the water I have a whole house R/O made by raindance the whole house is running RO/DI water.
Outlaw were you referring to the coral pack with the Brain, Candy Cane, and Plate Coral.The Brain and Candy Cane I know doesn't need to be fed and Plate benefits from small meaty foods like mysis,krill.If your looking for rapid grow you can feed all of them.I feed my Brain mysis,freeze dried krill and Candy Cane mysis,cyclops.I would keep the brain and plate on the sand bed and Candy Cane start low for a week or two then move up no higher than mid level.Goo luck on your new coral.
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I have purchase quite a few corals online and so far no deaths.The 2doc's(liveaquaria) has a great refund just encase the worst happens.This is how I acclimate the corals when they arrive.I float the bag about 20mins.,after that I open the bags and put all the corals/water in the styro-foam container that they ship them in.Set my airline tubing to a steady drip for about an hour to hour and a half.Afterwards I place them in the tank.Make sure the lights are out and give them a few hours to adjust before the lights come on.

BTW since it takes a while,I usually set my thermostat to close what the DT temp is set at.For me,when buying online I do the drip method and float method when buying locally.
I think Reefs pretty well got you covered on how to acclimate your corals.Just start your new cabdy cane low and move it up a little at time over a couple or 3 weeks so you dont burn it.
I bought the same package from Fosters & Smith, the plate coral didn't make it (it only lived for about three days, weird...) but the trumpet (which they substituted for a candy cane I guess) and brain are doing fine, I've had them for about 3 months now. My brain is placed up high in the tank.