help with an ID


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so i just found these sponge type things that popped up out of nowhere. not sure what they are or where they came from. I havent bought any new rock or anything in months. My camera kinda sucks at up close shots but I did what i could. what we are looking at there are the bright green looking things. You can see how small they are when put in comparison to the clown goby. does anyone have an idea what these are? out of nowhere there are about 6 of them i can see. thanks



''Kinda sucks at closeups'' No really sucks at closeups,Yote worthy pics there Red.I had some in the past,I always thought they were some kind of macro algae.
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they are a calcium based algae, but i cant recall the scientific name of them right now ... it is on the tip of my tongue !!
nope Biff, thats not it. i will bbl with a name, but in the meantime it is harmless and looks way cool if you get a bunch of it together.
they are neomeris annulata (common name spindle weed) they are calcium based and harmless. I had a ton of them at one time, then they just withered away after a few months. which is supposed to be a common occurence.