HELP! Something on my LR


Reefing newb
Hi guys!

I'm on my second try for a nano reef...

My first one didn't even make through the cycling period...:cry:

This time, I got a lot more time for it so I decided to get back on it...

It's a 15 gal tank with a 3-4ish gal mini sump on top of it (actually at the back of the tank on a higher table...). Today's the 6th day...

I got floss, foam (the coarse black one), ceramic rings and some activated carbon in the sump...

Got LR on the main tank with NO sand...

I had a blue 15w T8 for lighting (got it for free when i bought the tank).
This morning, i decided to add a blue t5 coz i wasn't satisfied with the t8...

After work, i got back home and i noticed something strange with one of my LR... I found 3 glowing green things on it... Since i'm totally new to this, i don't know what they are and i have no idea what it means...


Did i screw it up again?
Wow! Thanks salt_for_brains! I hope they make it through the cycling...

Someone told it they're ricordia mushrooms. And googled it and they are so beautiful.

If, God forbid, they don't make it through the cycle period, will they grow back?

Sorry, im just totally new to this... :unsure:
Hope so.... :)

Another question... So I used marine salt mix to start my tank... Is it okay if i use NSW for my first water change? will it cause problems?
Thats amazing the only hitchhikers i got was bristle worms and aiptasia.

just curious what happened to your first nano tank? how did it not make it through the cycle?
@Aquarian - I'm getting the NSW from the nearest LFS... Thanks! :)

@MickeYG1345 - Yeah i know and i love their green glow... My first tank was doing okay but i had to go away for a year for work... i live alone in my apartment so i had to stop it... now, i got all the time in the world coz i got this long term job here in my hometown... btw, i am from manila philippines.. :)

@ JohnVH - I hope so... do you think they can spread to my other LR (assuming they will make it through...) :)

Thanks for your help everyone! :)
I do 5-10% water change every 6-8 days on my home tank and my fish are happy as can only takes 30 minutes to clean and tank and do the change...well worth it.