HELP! My Nem Split?!?!


Time to add some coral!
Hey all,

So I come home from vacation and what do I find?? My once single nem is now 2! So I know that they will split to reproduce and he was pretty big so it wouldn't surprise me if it was just time to split for him but I have only had the nem for 3 weeks so I want to make sure he isn't stressed out. My water is a little off what it should be but nothing major (params below). I did a water change and buffered for PH (k alk was normal) and I'll upload some pics for you all to look at and tell me what you think. It's a RBTA but it still has lots of color and it hasn't moved really much at all since we put it in the tank. Look at the pics, tell me what you think. Should I be concerned?

PH: 8.05
Amo: 0
Trites: 0
Trates : 5~10 ppm
Temp: 79*
SG: 1.025

Part 1 (hard to see it is under a rock right now:

Part 2 (same coloration as part 1 but it came to the front of the tank)
They can split from stress too. He was probably ready and then traveling and a new home might have finally triggered the split.

But congrats regardless. You either got a two for one sale or you just made yourself a quick buck when you sell it. ;)
mine split when it met the powerhead, I had alot of them, but no one wanted to buy them:dunno: can't imagine why? luckly none of my livestock was lost