Dark green spots


Reefing newb
Hi I am new to reeling had my 55gal tank up and running for 8 weeks now and doing ok I have live sand and 25kg Ocean rock parameters are temp 80 salinity 1.025 ph 8 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 5.0 have 1 clown 2 yellowtail damsels and 4 turbo snails had a brown algae bloom 3weeks ago turbo snails clearing that but started to get dark green spots on the live sand and rock can some one tell me if this is a problem or is it normal in a new tank some pitchers if it will help to i/d what it is thank you
You are going to experience algae blooms with your new tank. Keep an eye on your nitrates and phosphates since they are major players along with lighting for the blooms. Be vigilant with your tank maintenance (i.e. water changes, sucking out food waste and detritus).