Help my Emperor Angel Please

I have been watching my Emperor, and the color change is half way to adult. I notice spots (not like ich), looks like loss of coloration that is everywhere on this fish in dots that look the size of a BB. The dots aren't raised at all. I am wondering if this is part of the transformation procrss - or if this fish is diseased. I can say all the other fish look well, Hype, sailfin, all my reef safe fish are great. The angel is in a 90G cube with a puffer and they are so young they have enough space until the 220 is up and connected. My main reef sump supplies their water so my system is all using the same water, basically making my tank 150G + 90 + 40 + 20. If it is a disease great - now my main reef shares parasite. It is just I have never seen spotted color loss this significant. 36W UV, mag good, ph 8.2 - dkh10, and no ammonia or nitrite, a tad of trate - cal= 460. Please help before it's too late. Have I dropped the ball on something? Appetite Rod's Reef and is eating well 2 times a day with circulation pump turned off. I sure hope this is the color change - but I have to say , out of all the fishes that I have seen it is not attractive to sight and looks like he's sick. He is acting stress free though.


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I'm feeding Rod's Reef 2 times a day, nothing hits the substrate eats so well. He is in with a Porcupine Puffer, but they swim together fine it seems. Here is a pict. Notice the dots aren't raised, they seem discolored. I notice in picts they almost seem flourecent. This is or not its transformation? Eating fine though. Picture taken a minute ago - lights off. Can provide another when main lights come on at 4PM.


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I could move the puffer and start a different aproach and provide a more specific diet. In the 300 Gallons I am using carbon. My calcium reactor has "fine granual" media that I don't like because it is almost milky. I should be using coarse Reborn. I read an article last night that said not to use carbon, so I guess I pull that out today and start emptying my reactor. Just don't wanna stress this little one out. Rushing the order for the 220 now so there will be more room. That 220 will be connected to my main system as well, so there should be little shock after the tank is ready and heated. I use RO-DI and Reef Crystals. Like I said Mag is in range, as well as desired ranges in Ph - Dkh, Cal. Thought for the next month 90G would suffice. Never saw these markings before. They came on slowly as small discoloration then hit complete BB sized color loss literally within 2 days - more distinct. Thanks for your comments.
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While rod's food is great stuff, it missing a lot of what your angel should be eating. He should be getting feed algae, assorted greens (carrots, squash, cucumbers, spinach, romane lettuce etc) and sponges. I would highly suggest you start feeding him frozen angel entrees. You can find it at pecto/petsmart or your local lfs.
If you're running a protein skimmer, you shouldnt need to run carbon full time anyway. I agree with Hannah, I dont think the Angel is getting enough greens / sponges
Okay, so I will get some of the emerald entre, formula 2, and then i will make and freeze a DIY receipe. Any tips on making that? I get carrots - squash, cucumbers, etc... then belnd them slightly and freeze in a good freezer bag. How do I get the veges soft. Do I nukem a bit before I freeze them? Is there a special way to get the veges softer? Or will freezing them do the trick? Any tips on where to get sponges?
I'm not so sure that's only nutrition related (but it could be part of it). It looks like a disease to me.

The fish is otherwise acting and eating normally?
I think biff is right. I did a little bit of research on this site:

and going to skin issues: Fish Skin Disorders

It seems like J.

Check out that site though and see if thats what you think is going on, or you have something else. Fish Disease, Diseases of Fish, Medications & Fish Health Treatments

The only thing is, im not 100% sure if that is specific for marine or fresh. Do a little more research on which one you think it might be.
:frustrat:This guys sick Uggggghhhhh! I don't want to whine, but I have really been trying. Guess I messed up here. Doing a battery of tests tonight and hitting him with every food I can until he comes becak, but I imagine hes getting pulled and brought to Green Bay. My local aquarium shop will let me house him in the basement in a large tank to treat him. Just have to provide the food and have the tank set up right. This might be worth the vet. We have an exotic vet Dr. Sarah Wolfe that deals with birds and fish here. Yeah , think your right because this fish has started to rapidly jolt back and forth tonight. Costs as much as the fish for her to treat it, but if I can get the treatment and the disease narrowed down. So many times I have treated for the wrong sickness. I should include a stupid stick to my collection. That way when I don't read enough on it - a couple hits with that - perhaps I'll get it this time! Thanks peoples. Spending some time down there tonight. I notice the more I leave it alone, keep people from the glass, the better.