Hello, World!


Reefing newb
Hey Guys,

I'm totally new to saltwater and I found the articles of this website very very useful.
Since I have too many (too too too many) questions regarding running a tank I decided to register in this forum.

I would like to describe my current tank's configuration:
I have a "Aqueon 26 Gallon Deluxe Bow Front Aquarium Kit" (Aqueon 26 Gallon Deluxe Bow Front Aquarium Kit - Aquariums - Fish - PetSmart) which comes with :
* Quiet Flow 30 Power Filter
* Deluxe Full Fluorescent Hood (Full-spectrum lamp included)
* Submersible Heater (100 watt, accurate +/– 1° F)

And I have purchased:
* 20 pounds (3 pieces) of live rocks
* 1 bag of live sand
* Topfin Powerhead for up to 50 gallon (Top Fin® Powerhead - Water Pumps - Fish - PetSmart)
* Nutrafin Master Test Kit (Aquatic - Products)
* Cheap (6$) Hydrometer
* Nutrafin Cycle (To speed up the process)
* Instance ocean salt

What I have done since the beginning
- May 24 2012 : I started my tank by washing the live sands(1 bag) and mixing the salt and water and turning the heater. I left the powerfilter and the light on since this date.

- May 25 2012: I have added the 20 pounds of live rock (with 3 snails on them attached-alive). Temperature of the tank was on 78 and salt-level was on green

- May 29 2012: Temperature on 78-80, Salt level: between 1.022 and 1.023 - I added a Three Stripe Damselfish and 5 small crab to start the process. Moreover I started adding "Nutrafin cycle" to speed up the cycling process. I fed the fish. I truned the light off at night

- May 30 2012: Temprature on 80, same saltlevel, and I just added nutrafin cycle as was instructed on the back. I fed the fish

My goal is to the most clear and beutiful tank. Right know I just want to do fish and liverock till I gain a bit confidence. But soon (a month) I want to add coral and have a Reef Tank.
Is there anything missing from my aquarium now ? is there procedures that I have missed or I should do in near future ?
When should I test the water, and what chemical I should be looking for to add ? The light is good ? how often I should turn the light on and off ?

I hope this was enough as the introduction ...
Sounds like you are on the right track there bud.
What kind of fish are you thinking of getting?
And I'm hoping that you havent got fish in your tank while you cycle.
Also, don't know where abouts you are in NB, but you should check out Dereks Reef shop, he is a great guy, knows his stuff, and has good prices!
Derek's Reef Shop
Also, Maritime Reef is a good place:
Thanks Waddi

I'm in Fredericton but thanks for the links I go to Moncton often that would be a good place to stop buy and get equipment.
Actually I used chemical to cycle my tank and based on what I've been told in pets unlimited I could add 2~3 hardy fish and I've added a yellow tale damsel and two 3-stripe damsel. So far they've eat and move really good I hope I have not screwed !!