Hello hello hello

My name is Casey and I was very lucky to find this forum, everybody seems so helpful. I have a 55 gallon tank supporting ghost fish. I just bought the tank and I'm working on getting everything i need to start a nice little reef tank. I have Fluval 305 filter on the way, although I'm searching for a nice 20gal tank I can turn into a sump. I still need to buy circulation pumps, i was thinking two hydor koralia 3's, and a good, but affordable, protein

A roommate and I used to share responsibility with a 60 gallon saltwater tank with a Clown fish, an engineer goby and a damsel. Lasted about a year until he took it over. He added a bunch of coral and an anenome. no special lighting and a poor circulation pump. now all the coral is dying and the water stays cloudy even though amonia and nitrate levels are good. :(
Helle..My name is Mike and I too have just joined the club. I'm 3yrs into reef tanks, but still have a lot to learn, I look forwards to interaction with you guy's. Regards.
Hi Casey
I am also a new member ( from Australia ) and I am very fond of corals more so then fish that's the way my tank is heading anyway ! Sounds like your on the right track with your set up .... everyone here is really friendly and looking to help .