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Reefing newb
Hello, Im Chris and am a newbie to saltwater tanks. Currently I have an 8g tank with 1 clownfish in it. Im looking to startup a bigger tank in the next month or so, The two tanks I have narrowed it down to are the 34 gallon solana and the biocube 29 hqi. Im wanting the tank to mainly be for reefs with 3-4 small fish.

The setup I have thought out so far for the solana include:

-Reef Octopus BH1000 Hang on Back Protein Skimmer
-Marineland Reef Capable LED System
-About 25-30 lb of live rock
-About a 1 inch live sand bed
- 2 Hydor Koralia Nano Circulation Pump/Powerhead

Looking to go without a canister filter or a sump for now, any suggestions and advice on this setup would be appreciated!
Hello and welcome to the site!!

I'd leave the canister filter out entirely (they're freshwater technology and don't really translate well to saltwater).

Other than that, it looks like you're on the right track!!
Welcome to the site!

+1 Erin, I'd honestly either leave out the skimmer as well or find a smaller one to use on your tank. The one you have listed is a great skimmer for bigger tanks but, on such a small tank the pump is gonna take up a huge amount of space in your tank.
Finally got the tank all setup! Ended up going with the hydor slim skim nano protein skimmer and ai nano led lights. Have about 30 pounds of live sand and 20 pounds of live rock right now.


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Tank looks awesome! I'm in AZ as well, looks like a lot of like to bring some ocean to the desert! I'm up near Sedona and we don't even have a store other than Petco that they just put in, so I end up down there when I need stuff. Do you have a store that you've found you really like?
welcome !!!!! I was just down there visiting and went to an awesome store there called Reef Monsters over in Mesa. Check it out. i bought some cool corals.
The store I go to the most is in Tempe called Reef Culture, they have a nice setup and good prices on fish and corals. Another store I've been to a couple times is Aqua Touch in Phoenix. They have the biggest selection of corals of the stores that I have been to. I actually just went to reef monsters last weekend and that's a nice store too!
well everytime i visit my daughter there now i am gonna pick up a coral cause the prices are good and its free to fly it with me