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Reefing newb
Hi All,

I'm new to the forums, I'm just getting into saltwater reef aquariums. I currently have a 46 gallon freshwater aquarium that I'm slowly converting to a live plant aquarium (just have to finish the CO2 system before I go too much further). In my existing tank I have 2 Silver sharks, 2 rainbow sharks, 4 deep fin angels, 3 pleco's. I recently installed moonlights that makes my room feel more like being at the lake now.

At this point I've picked up the aquarium that I want to use for my saltwater tank it's a 30 gallon tall aquarium (space is limited for me so I had to go for a tall tank instead of a long one). I'm on this forum and a few others to get some advise and suggestions on what equipment and products have worked for some and what hasn't so I can make a more informed decision before I start spending my hard earned cash on the new tank.

As a side does anyone know if a silver shark or angel will eat a pleco? when I first setup my tank I had a small pleco about 1 1/2" long in the tank with the 2 sharks and 2 angels each about 2-3" in lenght. I went to work one morning and all 5 fish were there, I came home and I could see the sharks and angels but I never saw the pleco that night, the next morning there was a build up of brown algae forming and I thought that would draw him out of hiding but nope after day 2 still no sign of him... long story short after 5 business days I had a good bloom of brown algae going and no sign of a pleco. So when I was able to make it to the pet store I bought 3 larger plecos 2-4" and sofar they are all still there.

But I don't know what happened to him I took out all the ornaments and plants with no sign of him, I looked all around the tank which is covered with a 1/4" glass lid and a mesh screen at the back where I have the hoses for my filter and air supply being passed through the lid is tied down with 3 cotterpins so it couldn't have gotten out so the only option is to have been eaten.
Welcome to the site.

I've never heard of those sharks or angels even bothering plecos.Never heard of anything bothering a pleco at all,much less eat them.
Hi and welcome! Feel free to ask any specific questions you have. Sorry I can't help with the freshwater questions. I'm 100% salty. :)
hi and welcome first off with the saltwater look into the equipment and products vary good as if you buy crappy equipment you will prob. have to re-buy stuff so if you are looking to get something ask here as everyone here can help.

now with the fresh water most fish leave plecos alone but if thay can fit in its mouth thay may eat it so you should be ok with the bigger ones
welcome to our community. Yup, if the pleco is gone and the sharks are happy, well, 1 + 1 = 2. glad to have ya with us.
Another thought is the pleco on one of your ornaments? I had a Royal pleco that I thought was gone. Dug through the whole tank, taking quite a bit of the structure out...threw it all back in and it showed up again.

I wouldn't think that it would have jumped out of your tank. Look again, either it is still there or the sharks or angels ate it. Angel are Chiclids, they can be feisty even though they they look peaceful. Again I would still look, just because most fish do not bother plecos or even notice them.