Hello from Houston


Reefing newb

Hello everyone. Just registered to this site but have been reading on here for quiet some time. I have a 46 gallon bowfront with 60# LS, 55#LR, 3 green chromis, 1 ocellaris clown, 1 strawberry pseudochromis, 3 scarlet hermits, 6 blue legged hermits, 5 nassarius snails, 6 turbos, 1 BTA, 1 frogspawn, 1 crocea clam, 1 small pink xenia, and some zoa's. I also have 2-150w coralife tank mount lights and a coralife 36" double t5 fixture with 2 21w actinic 03. I have a Aqua C Remora for skimmer and plan on adding a fuge soon. For circulation I have 4 maxi 1200's but only 2 of them are running right now because with 3 or 4 of them it seems like to much flow.

I tried to add a picture of my tank so I hope it shows up.
welcome to the site. that's a nice looking tank. feel free to post all the pics and questions you like. we love lots of both.
Thanks everyone I am glad to be part of the community. Here are a few more pictures of my tank.






The rock with the zoa's had aiptasia when this picture was taken but Joe's Juice did the job on them.