Hello From Australia!


Reefing newb
Hi there,

New to the hobby, have started doing a bit of online reading.

Just wondering if people can give me some information/do's and don't's about setting up a Saltwater Aquarium. I'd be looking at a 5ft setup and this will be a hobby of mine.

I'd basically be looking at a (I'm sure you've heard it a lot) Nemo type setup (clownfish, yellow/blue tangs, bannerfish). Is this achieveable in a 5ft setup, if so what sort of population would I be looking at?

Next off would be the equipment as to what I would need as from the research I've done there are quite a few bits and people's opinions differ quite a lot.

If there's anything I've missed or anything I should be doing before looking at equipment, please advise me as I'm all ears.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting some of you,

Hello and welcome!!

When you say 5ft setup... are you planning on a 5ft long tank? Is going to be a custom tank?

You can keep clownfish (nemos) for sure in a tank that size, the others depend on what kinds of tangs you would want. Best idea when you're starting off is loads and loads of research. I'd start reading. Or just ask away. We're always were to help.