Has Anyone Had Luck with Crinoid Squat Lobsters?

I personally havent had one either, but i would be willing to bet that like all lobsters and crabs that it is an opportunistic predator and it might go after any perching fish.
I have not ever seen those for sale before, but from your links they look like a good choice for a tank. But my question is WHY?!?! THOSE THINGS ARE FREAKING CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:
Because if I could, I'd have one of these:


I love the creepy stuff! He's cute, in a Tim Burton kind of way. :D

(Meaning the squat lobster, of course!)

And there's also this guy (not actually going to buy him, but I have to say, it's the sort of thing that would be great for selecting friends):

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