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ordered the Fiji premium live rock from liveaquaria.com? and if so does it come cured or un-cured? and one more question if it needs to be cured how long does it usually take? thanks in advance.
I've ordered it. I believe that you can either get it cured or uncured, but getting it cured will cost extra. I bought the uncured kind, and I let it cure for 2 to 3 weeks before I added it to my tank. My parameters didn't spike at all, and it was really nice rock.
well im not concerned about having to cure it before i add it to the tank as i have mentioned before that its a new tank that still has to cycle and if its uncured it wouldnt be a problem because it would just help cycle the tank. i was just asking because on the description it doesnt specify if its cured or un-cured
What kind are you looking at? They say whether they are cured or not.

The standard Fiji is pre-cured, which pretty much means uncured.

There's also fully-cured Fiji, which is, well, fully-cured.

There's premium Fiji, which also says pre-cured.

It will tell you either in the title or description if it's cured or not.
long texts make me zone out but i did see that at the bottom in big bold letters it says "it is imperative to cure this rock again upon receipt" so i didnt know exactly what that meant about the status of that rock being cured or not
when its curing does it really smell that bad? and how do you know when its done curing?
It really depends on the rock. I bought the select premium from Live Aquaria and it didn't smell bad at all.
i defiantly think ill buy from them. plus if i get 90lbs of it it comes out to like $3 a pound which is quite a deal
I bought the Lalo and Tonga Deepwater from Liveaquaria.Both were uncure and did not smell bad at all.
I got some Fiji select from marine depot that was completely un-cured.
The entire house smelled like tractor-trailer load of dead rottin fish for nearly 4 weeks.