Has anybody used this light?

eh... power compacts are a bit outdated and wont keep too much as far as corals go. you're better off going with a good t5 or metal halide setup.

what light do you already have for the nem?
we sadly don't have the anemonie anymore :( boo.. we are hopeing to get corals and maybe another nem in the future but wanna get light first. thanks for the suggestion :) and replys.
With that light you will be able to keep any sort of corals you like. Also you should wait until your tank has been set up for a year before you get another nem. They do so much better in a mature tank.
craigslist may have something that could benefit you.

If you want to keep that nem then you do need to get a light pretty fast. but I would recommend you take that little guy back.

In your avatar hes looking a bit white and no anemone is white. Thats what they look like when they are light deprived.
yeah we didn't know much when we got him and thats how he looked when we got him from the LPS so we thought it was normal. We wont be getting another one for a while, we just want lighting that will accomidate it when we do get one. we'd like to get one for 300 or 400 bucks so that onen is perfect. we have tried criags list before but the good ones always get swiped fast! :frustrat:
The light you were looking at on ebay was an AquaticLife fixture. They are a great company, based here in California. Everything about that light is awesome EXCEPT the fact it is power compact. They make T5 lighting as well as MH. If you like the isea of the built in timer, check their website, and maybe even contact them to see if they have any 2nds or blems they sell at a cheaper price. If you get ahold of a guy named James in customer service tell him Wade from Northern Calif. refered you.