Happy Thanksgiving!


Reef enthusiast
Well its thanksgiving, I hope everyone is having a great meal today with family and friends. Try and tell someone your thankful for them today! It may just make someones day!:Cheers:
Well you guys beat me to it! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!! I hope everyone has a great day with family/friends. And I hope everyone will eat too much just like I will!!
Yes,we do all have alot to be thankful for.Two years ago today I was in multiple organ failure and did not know if I was going to make it.I DID!and after five weeks in the hospital I made it home for Christmas.I am indeed thankful!



P.S. When I got home from the hospital I couldn't get around much so Mom set up a 10g Wal-mart tank next to the recliner to help keep me occupied and look were thats lead! :mrgreen:
Im thankful for all my great friends ive made here at livingreefs. But Im thankful for you the most brandon:Buds:
Brandon and Bryan you 2 need to get a room!! And then you guys can do whatever it is you do with each other without bringing the rest of us down with you!! :hernoseen

And David...your pathetic!!!

well if davids pathetic, and pat your obviously jealous of me and brandon. then maybe you and dave should hook up!:nanananan