Growth on back glass


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Is this a good or bad thing? :question:


Kinda looks like when I had GHA, but I had a lot more than that :p
could be the start of GHA, i had a ton on my back glass.. i bought a few turbos, and scraped off a bunch, and it was gone in a couple weeks, but you have barely anything compared to what i had
It is very possible that those are diatoms which is common in new tanks and will eventually die off. If it bugs you that bad then they should come off pretty easy. Aslo test your nitrates algae thrive on nitrates. Common water changes will help... Hope this helped
Thanks! I am doing water changes every two to three days to get my nitrates down. They are elevated and I am also building a sump and refugium to address this issue for the long term.

My margarita snails are munching on it as I type.:helm2:
Always nice when the Cuc is doing its' job! How are your margarita snails doing by the way? I always wanted to add them but my tank gets too hot....