green star polyps?


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I've had a frag of GSP in my tank for about 2-3 weeks, and it's already spreading the purple mat to a nearby rock... but ever since last night, it's been closed up tight-- no polyps in sight. Water parameters are 0 ammonia, 5ppm nitrates (been that way for a while-- chaeto is just starting to grow so should go down any day), pH 8.3, salinity 32ppm, Ca2+ 340ppm before dosing... seems all ok to me. So my question is, is it common for GSP to go dormant for a few days? Or is something wrong with it?
Mine does occasionally - for a day, maybe two, then comes right back. I think it is when something has crawled across it or maybe even attacked it - even if only in one small area, the whole thing will go into hiding. I have sometimes seen an Asterina star leaving the mat as it all closes up - difficult to say what it was doing but that is how I drew my conclusion...

Mine closes up sometimes for a week or so then comes out again. Haven't figured that one out yet. Sometimes I notice it after a heavy feeding. I wonder if it gets all the food it needs and then closes up for a while and then opens up when it wants to feed again? Yours will probably open up again soon. No worries!
Its fairly common for GSP to do that.
They just get lazy sometimes and decide to stay closed for a day or 2.
You might as well fertilize your lawn in dandelions. Same thing as putting GSP in your reef.

I used to think yellow polyps were neat. Nice bright yellow colors and all the frilly tentacles. ooooohhhhh aaaahhhhhhhh :mrgreen:

.......... 4 months later.........

"ANYBODY WANT SOME FREE YELLOW POLYPS?!?!?!?!? ANYBODY!?!?!?! PLEASE............." :frustrat:

GSP, yellow polyps, kenya trees........... all WEEDS as far as I'm concerned. You'll be over run with them in 6 months and wishing you never had them.