green and start of red hair algae in fuge??


newbie reefer
I noticed over the past two weeks or so, there is more green and the start of red hair algae starting to form on the walls of my 8 gal HOB fuge on my 55 gal. I did have the green algae bloom in the main tank, but after running my fuge it has all but disapeared. Should I replace my T8 light bulb (over refugium), or get some snails for the fuge to get rid of some of the algae? I don't want it to get out of control, or is this mornal?
I wouldnt worry about it too much. Snails in the 'fuge will just find their way into your return pump - trust me - pulling apart your return pump to dig out snail shells at 3 AM sucks

Ask me how I know :)
actually my pump for the fuge is in my main tank connected to a hose into the refugium. So i guess he would have a wild ride back into the main tank!
Try pulling it out the fuge as much as possible...remember that's one of the purposes of the refugium, to grow the algae in there instead of the main tank. It wouldn't be a bad idea to change that bulb also, when bulbs get old and lose intensity, it starts to benefit unwanted algae instead good algae.