green and red hair algae in refugium :-O


newbie reefer
I noticed a small out break of green and red algae in my refugium. Do you think i need to change out my T8 fluorescent bulb? Should I look for one in the 3K range? I changed out the carbon bag. Also i noticed my cheato is brown on the bottom side of one of the clumps. I rotated it all around hoping it can re-grow. I keep my lighting on a reverse schedule, and do 5 gal weekly ro/di changes.
Unless your light is focused directly on your chaeto, you're going to get nuisance algae growing in your refug. It's not really that big a deal because at least it's down there and not in your DT. For the chaeto, it's browning out because you're not turning it enough. Every 2-3 days make sure your rotating it into the light.
Ok I usually mess with the cheato about every week or week and a half. It seems like there's detritus or muck on the cheato that stirs up in my HOB fuge, resulting in unplugging the pump and letting things settle. I was thinking to take it out, and rinse it off in old salt water and wait while the debris settles. Thanks for the input guys! I'm just trying to prevent any algae blooms in the DT.
You can see some of the algae growth in the pic


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