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Whats A Good Flow Rate For A Pump For My Sump Also Whats A Good Brand To Trust Hopfully Ill Out bid for the sump today(sorry about the misplacment of thread tryed to erase to put under filtration and lighting but dont know how to erase) :shock:
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642-692 gph.Rio(1700-2100,hyperflow 8-10 or a mag (5-7). aqua clear cap (1800-2200). I dont have much experiance with wet/dry sumps so might be able use less gph then I am thinking.Most 125 say 450 or so gph,but I think what go above that rate for good flow through out.You got me thinking about adding sum or refugium now to my 29 gallon.:^:
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thank u ,youve been mucho helpo cant speak spanish but u get me drift im thinking of going with what :helm2: ever has a three prong plug heared to stay away from two pronged plug
thanks,hopfully i can get runnin has anyone heard this before that the gph should be 5- 20 times the capacity of the sump i think i read it in the 06 marine and reef magazine is this right.also im going to need a little help with setting up no instruction never had one ive read and heard all sorts of stuff still hard to get i think im missing the return hose ok i know im missing .could someone post some good detailed pics of there sump tank to give me some ideas on how and which way i should go ppppppplllllllllease. :lavalamp:p.s if can pics of pumps too thanks in advance(i dont think we have any pics of sumps in photo gallery)
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Also the longer the distance the output tube is the lower the gph will become.
I think the 125 hold about 18 gallons x20 =360.The website recomends a cap2200 on the low end 581 gph.In the end $100 for dirty sump missing parts.I feel that this was not as great a deal when I first saw the add.For return hose you should be able to find at the fish store or hardware some compatable tubing for the pumps output.Instructions well here you go
Its still a ok deal its like he gave me the box skimmer and turn off valves instead of return hose im sure the box and valves cost more then the hose im missing and the dirty part at least i know he didnt clean it out with soap for me yea not sure how much the one he gave me is but ive seen some around 40-80 dollars and im sure the hose wont cost that much i probably have one some where that i can work with.I wish it had came with the pump those things can be almost as much as the hole system i just paid for.still it has no scratches and once cleaned it looked great and no leaks.PS thanks for lookin that stuff up for me i know how it works now i was confused about how it returned since i am missing that part of it how the hell did that blue wording get on my page
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I will be running approx 115 gal of water in my 150. I will be turning over 1200 g/h to the sumps and will loop another 1200 g/h for loop system for a total with loss of apprx. 2000 g/h total water movement. so at least minimal 5 per hour for low bioloads and animals that dislike moderate or fast water movement. its based on the gallons in the tank not the sump. once you decide what your animal list will look like and if you add corals that wax off or shed to clean themselves you will need upwards of 10x change over in water movement not necessarily filtered. so you add up your over flow and all circuation pumps in the system for your total. hope this makes sence and helps clear it up.
that seems like alot of loSS ,should I use two pumps or one and how do you keep from overflowing the sump if power shuts oFF.ALSO I WAS WANTING TO MAKE A TANK THAT HOUSED FRAGED TYPE CORALS I WAS WANTING TO START EVERYTHING FROM REALLY SMALL OR FRAGS BUT STILL NOT SURE.
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Your sump will not overflow as long as you leave enough free space in it to accept all flow back during power outages, if you are not pumping the water in the tank will no longer rise and the overflow will break siphon. if you are drilled once water is leveled out it will break siphon also. the only problem is that with an over flow once power is back on you will need to be able to restart the siphon and remove the air. shouldnt be a problem though. what kind of overflow from tank to sump do you have.
Im not really sure but it siphons over the top of aqurium down into the filter.theres a picture of the whole thing on minreefers post on the first page of this thread 7th post down if you would like to get a clearer picture.