Good News.


NAAO President
I ligned up at least 32 hours OT for the next 2 weeks. Plus my bus trip to nashville on Feb 7. Plus an all day bus trip on Feb 24, and hopefully some more between now and then. Plus its almost income tax time. So I should have water in my tank by the middle of March. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
lol,,doing better than me,,,at the rate im going I might have to ask santa clause to bring me some salt water for next Christmas
Thats only if nothing "comes up". Even though it seems like every time I've got a little extra cash coming in somthing bad happens. 66 days to go.
That's great jermpool - I hope nothing comes up to delay your plans. That must suck having a tank just sitting there - I'll help your cause - I'll donate 5 gallons of water to the cause!! :mrgreen:
allright someone start a donation thread for jermpool hes haveing it rough and cant afford to get his tank up its driving him nuts because by the time he has his tank cycling my tank will be complete he needs some serious help Ill donate to the cause just so he can save face.
I know how you feel, I have 2 55 gal sittin around untill I get the money for supplies. and my 30 took me a year to get it going but mostly because i was waiting to move into my new house I was remodeling. Good luck though and hope to hear you got the tank up and going soon.
no problem.. I know iron and salt have some those acans which make great tester corals for fresh tanks. :) hehe.

No seriously, we cut up alot on here, but we all have lots fo experience in the hobby if you guys need help setting up a tank, chooseing equipment etc please don't hesitate to ask.

BTW I can always through a few corals your way to help get you going.

you drive one a them big yellow busses jerm?

Sorry I'm still trying to figure this out. The Bus that Jerm drives is blue, but the same thing. But he is a grounds keeper first for the same school.