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I'm glad that I found this forum...........tons of great information here. I am not new to the hobby, but I haven't been able to enjoy it for a long time. I have 2 little boys; 18 months and 2 1/2. I think this is a hobby that the whole family can enjoy. I live in Memphis, and there are a couple of quality marine/reef stores nearby. Years ago I maintained a 75g; I have been wanting to get back into the hobby for a long time.

I came across this deal, and my wife purchased it for me as a gift. The guy selling the setup is very trustworthy and very knowledgeable. My main question is what kind of potential I have with this setup. What would I need to add to make this a reef tank? I think it would be wise to keep the system as is until I feel more comfortable customizing it. I appreciate any thoughts and advice:

Tank comes complete with:

* 25 gallon tank + stand
* External filter - Aquarium Pharmaceuticals RENA Filstar XP 2 Canister Filter.
* UV sterilizer light – plumbed into external filter line.
* Water heater
* Underwater fan (for water circulation)
* 2 pieces of live rock
* Live sand as a base
* Sunken ship decorations
* Fish – 1x Yellow tail damsel, 1 x Zebra damsel, 2 x Clown fish.
* Invertebrates – a bunch of hermit crabs, 1x turbo snail (to eat algae on glass)

Tank also comes with:

* Large water containers to store prepared saltwater in
* Water testing strips
* Water conditioners
* Cleaning rod
* Tube to siphon water out

This tank is ready to go and will be a fantastic addition to any home. I have probably invested about $700 into the tank, and am selling it for $250 complete.

I am picking it up tomorrow; hopefully the move will go smoothly.
Thanks again!
Welcome to site Smokey.

I'm not sure that's such a good price.I've seen complete 24 and 28g gallon nano kits(which has better lights) running from $220-300.They don't come with stands though.Personally and this isn't to suggest that you shouldn't buy the tank but to think hard on your decisions.Length rather than height is better for fish o2 exchange.More swimming room and more surface area for gas exchange.Canister filters make poor saltwater filters.More live rock(1-2 lbs per gallon) and powerheads for water circulation is what I would suggest.I also like to mention I belong to the SEAFD-Saltwater Enthusiast Against Fake Decoration...ahhh just kidding.

Welcome again.
That setup, and all it comes with, looks more like a freshwater setup. It will require a significant investment to buy the equipment necessary to turn it into a reef tank. I wouldn't pay more than $50 for that, haha. But that's because, as Reeffreak pointed out, you will need to buy lights, live rock and a new filtration system...
People always value their own systems more than a second-hand buyer would. The truth is (unfortunately) that as soon as you set something up, it seems to drop at least 50% in value. The same goes for corals and fish as well -- hobbyists selling to each other would probably never be able to ask the same type of money for them as a store or online retailer would.

We have seen some crazy ads on Craig's List. Your setup, as is, will be fine for keeping the fish that he had already. But if you want to keep inverts and corals for a reef tank, you will have to put some money in it.
I appreciate your advice. I guess buying equipment over time will ease the pain of transitioning it to a reef system. My first step is to see if I can keep the fish I have alive.

Thanks again
Dont sweat it to much. You can bury the ship wreck in live rock with parts of it sticking out. Might look cool that way. it will differently give the stuff in there some places to hide and feel safe. It will also look better when the coraline algae start covering it. I know my coliseum looked way out of place at first but I like it now. (was a gift from the wife) here is a pic of it.
Thanks Ted. You tank looks great...I really like the coliseum. Kind of reminds me of Atlantis wife despises clowns too. LOL
I got it moved and set up with no problems. Everybody seems to be doing well. My salinity is a little low, so I need to find a source of RO water and mix up a solution. Is that something you can pick up at a LFS? I think I'll go get some more rock tomorrow as well.

I can't believe that I've gone this long without a tank. My boys and wife love it, and I can't take my eyes off of it....... :)
You can get RO water at the LFS, grocery store or Walmart. It'll probably be cheaper to get it from a grocery store or Walmart, at least it is for my LFS.
The guy near me sells ro water for 25 cents a gallon. Might as well ask him. Thanks reeffreek I kinda had to figure a way to work that deco into my tank or I would be sleeping on the sofa. So I figured it would be good as a retaining wall. The fish seem to like it they have a nice area to swim in and they can hide easily if they feel the need.