Figure out what you want to run off of it (how many watts) You should take into account your fridge etc. If your buying one you might as well get one that will keep some other important things running.
Just a thought if the power is out for a period of time. You might want to have a cold beer LOL

My generator runs my pumps, heaters/chiller and my fridge (all you need is circulation and temp control) I can't remember what mine is I will look tonight.
well, really, I'd want 2-3 powerheads going and the heater/controller for my 75 gallon, but I want to be able to run it with my upgrade 150, too, so I'm not sure how many watts that'd be. It'd be a sump pump, controller, heaters powerful enough for the 150, and 2 powerheads....

Yeah Winy, that sounds good, thanks!
i would get one that is at least 4000watts but that is just me

I would go for one that's at least 4k watts like daugherty suggest. Gotta figure if your electric is out you make want to keep the food in your fridge and freezer cold.

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True you could get a 1100 watt generator but for 40 bucks more, get one that will power more than your tank. And keep the beeg cold:mrgreen: When we move to a new home, I wouldnt mind looking into a whole house generator that runs on natural gas. But that wouldnt be for a while.

I've got a whole house gas generator on my wish list for next year. Hopefully I can save up enough money get one.
yes, def want an auto switch, But i've never had the power be out for more than 4-6 hours (and that's a very rare event), so I'm not worried about the fridge...
The more load the more gas it needs. I noticed that the gens I linked to had run times on half load as a stat. Also, I have used gens on jobsites and you can hear them rev up when there is a large load on them. As for the auto switching, I dont think these ones that I posted can do that. They are more of a portable gen.
check out they have everything. If your not in California there are all kinds of good deals. We have retarded smog laws that make everything cost more here. I found a decent one at OSH for $150 that would run your tank.

Depending on how long you need power a battery back up for a computer would work. same price range and it will only last 10-30 mins but most power outages dont last that long and it doubles as a power strip and surge protector.

Honda and Yamaha make good small ones but they cost $$$$$
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I use a battry back up to keep my powerheads going, but they won't stand a chance against a resistive load like a heater.

I ended up going with a 4000W portable generator. I wanted one that's static, but wiring it to switch over, etc, looked like it was going to cost several thousand. Maybe in the next house!