Gen X submersible GX1000 Pump


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I have a few tanks of different sizes in need of some serious skimming. Thinking about constructing some skimmers. Tanks between 55-75 gal. Anyone had much experience with this pump? Think it would do a good job? I have never witnessed one and have no clue what the needle wheel looks like. Can’t find any detailed info online.

I have been searching the web for a pic of the actual impeller for this pump, but no luck at all. Any pics would be greatly appreciated.

The link below may be a dead link. Custom Aquatic's site appears to be down.

Gen X submersible GX1000 Pump:
Air is drawn directly into the pump and the needle wheel chops the water and air into a fine mixture. A needle wheel impellar will make smallest possible as it spins.Other skimmers such as coralife super skimmer uses them as well.You might be able to find a drawing of one of thoose.I think it is maufactured by a company called PCI.also I saw one on ebay for $22
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I am familiar with the use of these types of pumpe (needle wheel, pin wheel, etc..). I just don't know much of anything RE: this specific one.

The literature is vague (in the links). For instance what specific skimmer is it typically used for? What size of tank? Maybe I can use 2 for a skimmer.
I've never used this specific pump before I was just hoping someone had personal experience with it. It didn't sound like it would drive a skimmer without 2 or more.
The link i posted for you has many articles on skimmers. the diy articles may just provide you with the information needed to assess your question. since I do not have direct experiance with the current project you are looking into and since the water, air ratios need to be compatible, you would be better to use a pre-manufactured skimmer, or, go by the skimmer manufacturers recommendations for water flow and size pump to meet that need, and insert air with a valve installed so you can control the air injection. as to weather the pump can be used for running protien skimmers i dont know. if you have an attachment for the pump for air injection then yes, if not, I recommend a different approach, however, the link to articles should give you enough information for you to decide which way to go and if your project is doable. hope this helps. good luck and keep us posted on your progress.