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So, I called my LFS buddy and went over to his place to talk fish after a meeting. My wife came with me. We saw his kids 29 gallon tank and he keep a 40 in his room stocked with corals. He told me he could not keep up with it and gave me four cuts of pom pom xenia, three pieces of some green Monti (i think) and a purple Acro...all for free!!! I do not know what they are, but they look cool.

oh, you probably want pics, huh Yote. K here they are:




Tell me if you can ID them

That Monti looks like a green plate monti.
Thats a great acro colony too.Looks like its a bright purple.
Can beat those freebie deals with a stick.
glad I could be your 600th Yote.

I am lovin' the purple colony. It looks better than I thought it would. At least it is a different color than my coralline algae.

What do you know about the green plate montipora? fast grower? easy to maintain? starts to fly after it reaches a certain size and grows $100 out of its polyps?

Montis are faster growing of the SPS. I have three different colors in my tank, and one has doubled in size in the past two months... Easy to maintain, just like any other SPS. If it starts growing $100 bills out of its polyps, send me a frag of that beeyatch. You owe me a favor anyways ;).
it will be sent overnight if it does Biff. Feel free to cash in on that favor whenever you like. I am yours

It must be nice to get things for free.I really like that acro and hope everything grows well for you.

BYW,I can care less about your damn thread!:mrgreen:
you are just jealous that you could not even spell your own thread to hi-jack a different thread earlier!!! HAHAHA Tard. J/K you know I love you