Frag Swap April & Christmas Dinner

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November's meeting was alot of fun. Thanks for hosting Brandon!

Two future items were discussed at the meeting.

1) Christmas Dinner-instead of a meeting, we'll meet and eat dinner together. Everyone please vote on a date, because we know we're all busy during December. December 18th is the only day in December I can attend (due to surgery), but don't let that affect your voting.

2) Regional Frag swap--April 8th We'll invite all area clubs to participate. This year, we'll ask for $5.00 per table for sellers. We should ask vendors to participate well in advance (like now) before all the other clubs get the goodies. Last year, the vendors were out of donations by the time our swap rolled around. Planning this event is up for discussion, so please give your ideas.
First off let me say Thank You to Brandon, Angela, and Brandon's twin Tucker for the awesome hospitality they showed us at the meeting. The home was beautiful, the dogs were hot, and the tank as always was envy worthy. :mrgreen:

Dec 18th is a Sunday, and as long as we do it some time after 3pm I can make it.

As far as the frag swap goes, I am with you Angela, let's start NOW!
I told tucker about the above comments and he wasn't happy.... I still don't understand why... hehe

December is a crazy month for me also and my plans will be up in the air and can change at random.... someone just pick a day lets post it and hope as many as possible can attend.

OBTW I can only make the dinner if we do it after 12pm due to church. I'm sure it will be later, but I want to make sure. Unless some of you want turkey for breakfast........... :zombie:
I am geting in on this thread early so I can plan to be there this time. Saturdays are best for me due to church reasons as well. If it is later on the 18th, like reefernoob suggested 3:00, it would more than likely be Okay.


From Chattanooga, take 75 S toward Atlanta. Take the East Ridge Exit, and it's immediately on your right.

For folks in Georgia, take the East Ridge Exit and turn left, its just over the overpass on the right.

If that's ok with everyone, I'll reserve a room.
Christmas Banquet

I'm posting this here in case you're not on my email list (let me know if you want to be added).

We're reserved at Wally's restaurant in East Ridge for Sunday, December 18th at 3:00.

Cost of the buffet is $8.60 plus tax for adults (over age 11) and $6.00 for kids (4-10) under 4 is free. These prices include a drink and tip of $1.00 per person to the waitress. You may tip more as you wish. Each person attending pays me for their family and I take care of the check.

I'll be bringing my 3 teens and hubby, so that's 5 adults.

Please give me an idea of how many are coming, so I can let Wally's know. Everyone is welcome, and I hope to see some of you that haven't been able to make the Saturday meetings. You do not have to be a paid member to attend this event.

Frag swapping is allowed, but lets keep them in boxes in a corner of the room until the event is over. I'm not sure what the Health Dept. would think about live animals in a restaurant.

I will be in Mexico December 9-17th, so if you have any questions in my absence, please contact Brandon.

Happy Holidays!
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