Food for Lionfish?


Addicted Reefer
Ok i got a fuzzy dwarf lionfish (name is Simba) bout a week ago. Been feeding him ghost shrimp and he seems to love um. So i set up a 10 gal tank just to put ghost shrimp in to feed the lionfish. I guess what my ? is what can i feed the ghost shrimp that will make them better for the Lionfish?
You should get him eating frozen foods. Feeding him live foods is going to increase the odds he will look at the other inhabitants of the tank as food. Plus, even when gut loaded, i dont think those shrimp are particularly healthy.
I feed my lionfish and zebra eel; scallops, tiger shrimp, silver siders, mysis shrimp and squid. I use an IM needle to inject vitamins into the foods. I find the more verity of food the healthier the fish, because they won't just eat one type of food in the wild. Since, you have an eel I would highly suggest maintaining the iodine level. Eels need iodine in the water to maintain proper thyroid function.