fish jumping

I know this may sound stupid, but do all fish jump?

I had my clown pair a month before my tank crashed and they never jumped out.

Now I got a different kind of clown, a arcadali clown or w/e and he jumps the first night.


I guess I need to cover my tank?
Try some eggcrate, that might help for the jumpers... But as others will atest, if a fish is destined to jump, it will, regardless of whats on top...
tie his legs together or put a yoke around his neck. j/k

That'd work.

Eggcrete will keep most fish in.And I dont think theres a fish alive that cant jump.All it takes is for them to get in a corner and something spook them.
Clowns aren't known to jump. But neither was Yote's foxface. You never know, it's better safe than sorry. Get some eggcrate.
My anthias were jumping while I was emptying my fish tank.They are not known to jump unless there aren't hiding places.Personally,I think most fish can jump as a last ditch effort to get to safety.Yes,get some eggcrate.
I heard that Yotes lionfish was a jumper also. I also heard Yote tried to be a catcher. Now that its winter time I put glass tops on my tank to help maintain temp. I use egg crate in the summer to help cool it off.
I am a fan of the glass top, but only if you have a sump to keep oxygen transfering into your tank. if not, eggcrate

-Dr Marco :sfish:
eggcrate never worked for me..i guess i had it all wrong!!


that was so freakin' funny. Great job Rigo, way to make me laugh. I needed that today