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Reefing newb
I would just like to say :D HI to all :D I have just aquired a large tank (New) and I have been looking round and found that I want to take back up the hobby of a fish keeper . Me and my partner have decided it will be a Reef tank (for a change) so I will be asking lots of questions wich may seem easy to u but very hard for me as I have not kept this type of tank before. I do realise I have lots of reading up to do, wich I am prepared to do . Lots of questions to come people !! :D But I will always try finding the answer first then ask the experienced :bowdown: ..... Thanks Brian , Sue
Welcome to the boards brian and sue! the only stupid question is the one not asked :). just be sure to read the saltwater articles that jhnrb has posted.. tons of info :bounce: have fun and good luck:^:
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Welcome aboard.Please do check out the articles section.Also google search has great information to as well.Have fun with your new hobby

I'm glad you could make it.

Dumb questions save lives.

Books and articles are great, but sometimes outdated and vague.

Keep us posted on your progress and take pictures as you go.


Welcome To The Forum. I Hope Your Visits Here Are Informative And Fun. You Might Check Out The Chat Room From Time To Time. You Can Discuss Items In Real Time There. So Welcome For Now, And Have Lots Of Fun With Your Project.