First day up and running


Reefing newb
Heres a few pics of my newly acquired 24 nanocube. Pics are with only 1 light on, other one was out to search for replacements. I like the idea of the all in 1 setup, even though it may not be the best. So far just got some live rock from a friend, 4 per lb, and the tonga esque stuff came with the tank. I also have a powerhead I want to put in as well. I had to turn down a few tank because of no lids, the last picture should explain why. Her names Godzilla :)
You can also see my bearded dragons head right behind her, its like a zoo in here!


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Looks like the start of a nice tank. My cat trys to get to my tanks to. I hate it. I had to quit setting things on the canopy because my cat kept knocking everything in the tank.
Update, did some tests, and the waters pretty nice. Decided to risk a little with some cheapie frags I got from a friend. Also picked up a small cleaner crew, 6 snails and a hermit, 7 bucks. This is taking over my free time!!!


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nice looking mushrooms. should have no problems with that at all. they are really simple corals to keep.

tank looks like a good start. love those nanos. crafty little cat. luckily my cats dont really care for the tanks.