First Corals!!


Reefer Madness
Hey guys so i'm a new reefer, and just started my first salt tank and so far am nothing but in love with the hobby!

Today i made my first coral purchase, i bought a grouping of 2 zoa polyps blended together (watermelon and almost like a key lime pie color ), and a tree coral... i forgot to listen when he told me the real name i was too excited! lol

anything i should know before i start engulfing my tank with coral?! i'm pretty excited!!

my zoa's under actininc

my zoa's under 10,000k

and the tree
Looks great! That's a Kenya Tree - it'll eventually drop some of it's limbs and spread throughout your tank. They are very hardy!
Id send that Kenya Tree back, it will start to spread rapidly and take over the tank. Dont mean to b the buzzkill, grats on the coral, but I had a similar experience happen with some yellow polyps that I can't seem to get under control.
buzz kill.jpg
Buzz Killington

:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Congats on the corals, I have heard the same thing about the kenya...but it looks really cool in your tank....
Congrats! Kenya tree does grow very quick. You just have to keep up with picking out the baby trees it will drop so it doesn't overtake the tank. I just take mind to my local fish store. Have fun getting more corals! It becomes quite the addiction, hehe.
Hey guys i got a few new corals this week XD!!! I went to my LFS (thatpetplace/thatfishplace) and picked up a pulsing xen and a lemonpeel angel. The angel was SO awesome! Watching it swim through my lr was probably one of the most amazing things i've seen in a minute. The guy at my LFS told me they'd be ok with coral no problem!! :grumble:
When i got home i remembered someone saying something to me on a previous post that they were a nuisence, and i looked it up and red flags everywhere! send it back non stop so i did...

luckily my lfs gave me 100% instore credit and i spent an hour looking for new fish, problem is all the pretty fish eat coral, don't like clowns, or can't survive in a nano :frustrat:

i wound up doubling my instore credit and purchasing a huge green frogspawn coral... great purchase! It's doing so great has opened up 2-4 hours after placement and is doing awesome! The xenia on the otherhand was doing great untill this morning and is still pulsing but has closed it self off quite a bit. I did some reef level checks and my levels are pretty low (200's) i'm going to do a water change after i give my salt some time to mix i figure maybe this will bring the xenia back to it's purkey self?!?!

Here are some pictures! Also the kenya tree is doing AWESOME it's grown pretty tall and the branches have been getting a little bit more comphterbal in it's new position. It hasent been dropping any leafs, and if it does i have no opposition to pruning them to keep it to one or two batches!! :)

all the pics are under just moon LED's btw i still havent figured out how to capture the amazing colours produced under actinic... any protips??!



Lol no my nitrate and ammonia and nitrite are all at 0. I'm talking about calcium levels and reef nutrition is all a bit low xD
oh good, that is much better and easier to fix.

What are your pH alk, and mag levels? Its hard to keep any of those at the correct level if one is out of line.

and what do you mean by reef nutrition?
By reef nutrition I am referring to all the necessary elements for proper reef growth. Ph, mg... etc. All my levels are low but this is due to needing a water change that ill be doing after work today. Should bring everything back to my ok level
NICE! lovin the Frogspawn. Next time your at your LFS you should totally pickup a frag of a Duncan coral. I bought 1 head when I first started 3yrs ago and now it around 30 and still my favorite coral. Also, fish wise... have you looked into different breeds of Clownfish? There are some really nice looking clowns out there.