Fire Shrimp Molting

I've had my fire shrimp for almost a week now and last night it went through it's first molting since I've had it. The thing I don't know is should I remove the old shell/skin from the tank? Thanks:bounce:
I always make my decision based on how accessible it is. If it is easy to remove I always take it out. If it is in a hard to reach spot I leave it in. It is always gone within 24 hours as I believe the CUC takes care of most of it and the rest ends up in the filter sock.

I am still fascinated every time one of my shrimp molts. :D
i had a pair of cleaner shrimp and while they where molting, my emerald crab had them for lunch. they sit there in one place to long and the crab would come by for easy pickings. so i have not put back any shrimp yet because of the emerald crab.