Feeding Percula Clown with Formula One Marine Pellet

I just got my percula clown and I fed it for the first time with Formula One Marine Pellets. It ate it and spit it back out and then ate it again and spat it out again and then stopped. I just bought a little jar and I dont want to throw it out cause my fish wont eat it. What should I do!? I dont want to waste it! Thanks!!
Sounds like it's too big for their taste. Usually, for something softer, each time they spat it out, the food split and become smaller. After a couple of spit, if the size doesn't change, they give up on it. In that case, I usually just feed them a smaller size food. Do you have a small food processor? Put some in there and give it a quick split second chop. You should be able to get some smaller size pellets.

I have 5 different sizes of sieves. I top coat some big pellets by mixing some extra nutrition powder and mix with a food processor. Then I use the sieves to filter me 6 different sizes of pellets to feed baby fish in different stages.
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Mine does that with the pellets. You should also toss some frozen mysis into the diet. If the clown is small, you'll still need to crush the mysis so it will fit.
Im still having a little trouble feeding it. I tried soaking it for a little bit to soften it up and I also smashed it a little to make it a little smaller. Sometimes itll eat it but sometimes itll just look at it and swim away. Ive also tried feeding it frozen brine shrimp,it ate one but didnt want to eat anymore. I guess its full? Full of one brine shrimp and one small pellet? Please help me out! I dont want to waste a jar of pellet food! Thank You!
Maybe they are still stressed from the new environment. May be give them some time and they'll start eating. Do they have any tank mates? Solitary confinement would make one doesn't have much appetite.
Maybe they don't like being in freshwater. :lol:

But yah, it's probably the stress of the new environment.
Maybe they don't like being in freshwater. :lol:

But yah, it's probably the stress of the new environment.

Haha Sir Alex! I did a double take on that one....Kevin's ya gotta update your profile to include the salty tank eh?

Just let the new little guy get used to his new house another day, try 1/4 of a cube of frozen mysis shrimp. He'll love it!
i mix the frozen mysis and pellet in the same container and add some tank water to soften the pellets,you can add some garlic to stimulate them to eat