feeding dwarf seahorses

can I feed these to dwarf seahorses or are they to big

and also what can I feed dwarf seahorses other then baby brine shrimp?

I dont see what your salking about for the first question?

There isn't much you can feed dwarf sea horses besides baby brine shrimp, you could try to train them to eat frozen foods, i have heard a couple of people doing that.
Joshua, i thought you said you did your research on keeping seahorses?

You are asking pretty basic seahorse questions here. Really seems like you put the cart in front of the horse on this one.
Looks like i'm a little late to the thread, but thought I'd share for posterity. Yes you can and should feed other things to dwarf seahorses. Copepods are great. However, enriched baby brine shrimp are going to have to be the staple of the diet unless you have a lot of space for culturing. Other foods include live mysis shrimp and moina salina.

And it must be enriched, and enriched with something good like algamac-3050, Dan's Feed, or DHA Super Selco. Something with a high amount of DHA. Adding astaxanthin and spirulina are helpful too, for both color and the extra vitamins they provide. A vitamin supplement probably wouldn't hurt, though I don't currently use one.