feeding banggai cardinal?

I have a banggai cardinal that will only eat frozen mysis and brine. that's it. Is this okay for him? what other kinds of food can I try to feed him that they are known to like?
I have tried plankton and cyclops. He spits them out and won't even try too eat anything else. he also hates all freeze dried and flakes that I have tried. only frozen
I don't know if eating only shrimp is okay for him or not.
My other fish don't like flake foods either but they will eat any frozen I give them and most freeze dried but I end up giving them mostly shrimp because of him.
any thoughts on other kinds of food to try?
I only feed mine mysis and spirulina. He also dips into the sinking pellets I toss in sometimes to supplement the cuc. I think larger banggais can also eat smaller fish, or pretty much anything it can put in its mouth. Maybe some roe, too? I haven't tried.
all mine has had since i got him is frozen mysis, well, maybe the rare little bit of krill that gets left around from the eel's messy feeding habits, but thats really really rare, and mine looks fat and happy...
Frozen food is better for your fish than flakes and pellets. I don't see a problem. You may want to try Rod's Food. I haven't met a fish yet that could resist that stuff.
My only remaining Banggai Cardinal decided to go surfing on Saturday night. Poor thing. Probably tried to get out of the way of one of the Tangs. :(
aw that sucks, dcan. The other day, mine almost dragged the chopstick (that I use to feed the fish) into the tank cuz he just wanted to be first at the food...he chomped on the food, and the tip of the chopstick was also nipped at and I almost lost the stick. Hehehe. You gonna get another one?
I feed mine spectrum pellets and frozen foods (marine cuisine and/or emerald entree), you should put vitamins in with all foods that you feed to be sure he is getting the proper nutrition.

be sure to read the ingredients on the pellets or flake foods that you feed some of them are worthless. same with your frozen foods.
thanks for the web site the only place in my area that sells it is 30 minutes away but I still might go check it out any way maybe it will be my new favorite fish place